Getting Ready for a Sale

Attic Treasures is a household liquidation service designed to help you dispose of the contents of a home. In order to provide the best service possible and have a successful sale your cooperation is important, too. We rearrange furniture and display items to be sold for the best traffic and viewing possible. Items are not left in cupboards and closets but instead are put on racks, tables, etc. for pricing and display. The following are suggestions to help you prepare for us to come in and complete our job.

Remove all personal mementos, albums and photos.

If you wish to sell the frame that a photo is in, please remove the photo from the frame.

Remove all items that are to be excluded from the sale by the start up date (as indicated on the contract). Any items that cannot be removed by that date should be moved to a designated area and/or room in the house. This area to be designated at the time of the contract signing. Items that are not to be sold and are staying with the house must be marked accordingly. We suggest using Post-it notes for this purpose. If Post-it notes are not available a piece of paper with NFS written on it and taped to the item will be fine. Failure to comply with these requirements may result in postponement or cancellation of the sale. This is important!

Remove items not to be sold from cabinets, drawers and cupboards but do not remove all other items.

It is easier for us to sort these items from their present location instead of unboxing, unwrapping, etc. from some other location including the floor or tabletop.

Please discard any dirty clothing, linens or personal items.

Please do not leave piles of paper or personal paperwork. Remove prescription medications but do not throw out old drugstore items (i.e.: aspirin tins, old glass bottles with prescription labels, etc.). These items are collectible and generally will sell. If you are unsure to keep or pitch, keep! Let us determine if it is sellable.

If you are aware of any defects in an item please let us know.

Sometimes items don’t work but we sell them for parts and we need to know if they are in working condition or not.

Please do not leave dirty dishes in the sink or elsewhere.

We do wash many items before displaying them for sale however we are not a cleaning service and do not appreciate having to clean up before even starting our regular setup procedures.

You may stay at the home during setup however, we are very busy once we start working on your sale and do not have time to visit with you or wait for you to get out of our way. It is important for you to

realize that this is a major undertaking and disruption to your normal routine. We suggest you find alternate accommodations during this time. You are most certainly welcome to come in at the end of the day and look. Please keep in mind once we start working and items are displayed, if you decide to remove them from the sale we will expect to be compensated for the item or items. If you have any questions about ANYTHING please contact us or leave us a note.

We hope these suggestions will help you in preparation for a sale. Keep in mind that is the ultimate goal… a successful and complete sale.